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Auro Thread


Mono design is recommended for patients in the 30-40 year age group, with incipient sagging and minimal tissue slacking, but still maintaining a clear facial contour (slight "V" shape deficit).
Likewise, the patient would have good muscle tone, with minimal tissue sagging (arms, legs, abdomen, buttocks, etc.) and drooping.
Despite this description of an ideal candidate for monofilament thread insertion, the treatment will most often also include the use of barbed threads.
As a rule of thumb, the use of Mono and Mono Screw threads is pre-emptive rather than remedial: they are used to prevent sagging and wrinkling instead of to repair these conditions.
●Needles: 25G.26G.27G.28G.29G.30G. 25 mm. to 150 mm.
●Stimulates endogenous collagen synthe

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