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how does pdo thread work?

February 7, 2022

Latest company news about how does pdo thread work?

  pdo thread: a beauty thread that can be absorbed and dissolved by the human body. It is a cardiac suture thread for cardiac surgery. In the body, it continuously and massively stimulates its own collagen production, increases the skin's own filling degree, and makes the loose parts full again. Improves anti-looseness.


   pdo thread lifting is to directly lift the skin by implanting collagen lines, avoiding the long recovery period of surgical wrinkle removal and the psychological pressure that it brings to beauty seekers. Although the implantation method is adopted, the principle of injection filling and wrinkle removal products is not the same as that of general injection products. Generally, injection products smooth facial wrinkles by filling, while pdo thread lifting is composed of absorbable protein. The thread is implanted into the part that needs to be lifted, and the thread is lifted to improve wrinkles, sagging and other phenomena. It can also act on other parts of the body and maintain the overall youth of the skin.

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