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Auro PDO thread lift

August 25, 2017

Latest company news about Auro PDO thread lift

Auro PDO thread lift For Sagging Facial Skin: It stimulate SMAS layer to tighten the slacking skin and simultaneously promotes regeneration of the skin to activate generation of skin skin proteins ( Collagen , Elastin). For Facial Wrinkles: By the strong lifting effect , skin regeneration and termination of line adhension , it is very effective to resolve deep wrinkle,wrinkles,forehead wrinkles,crow's feet. For Neck Wrinkles: It stops the wrinkle adhesion around the neck mostly developed by aging to rejuvenate skin by lifting and skin regeneration . For V Line: By strong SMAS layer lifting effects with medical threads , it will provide natural V line without saggy skin. Effective Skin Rejuvenation:These needles play an important role in helping your skin become firm and strong while the red or large pores in the skin are reduced without side effects. Skin Whitening Effect:Growth factors are activated and skin lightening effect is excellent.latest company news about Auro PDO thread lift  0latest company news about Auro PDO thread lift  1

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