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Advantages of PDO Lifting

January 16, 2023

The principle of pdo lifting.

Insert a special two -way piercing beauty line in the skin, and at the same time stimulate the skin and fascia layer, so that the muscle tissue that has been stiff or sagging is re -arranged to make a beautiful face. The buried line is called the SMAS layer, which is located between the subcutaneous fat and muscles, and the skin that connects the skin and the muscles is a special layer. Due to the drooping with the skin with the aging, through the stimulation of these parts, I improve the wrinkles.

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    People now have higher and higher requirements for youth. They do not want to have a large wound surgery, but also hope that they can always be young. After more people with sagging faces, they will still choose the PDO absorption line to improve the face.

    What is the PDO thread? Also known as the protein line was originally used for cardiac sutures for cardiac surgery, and developed into a cosmetic line based on this. It is to insert the spiral bolt line (cosmetic line) that can be absorbed by the human body into the surface skin, thereby stimulating the regeneration of collagen under the skin. The protein line implants into the body is slowly dissolved and absorbed by the body, and the skin and fascia layer continues to stimulate the skin and fascia layer during 6-8 months. It is a stiff or drooping muscle tissue. protein.

    Its advantages are that they have the advantages of small trauma, no bleeding, and only use tingling, and the operation is simple and safe, the effect is obvious, the surface does not leave marks, the patient has no pain, and the maintenance time of the sawtoral line suspension is usually 2 can reach 2 2 can reach 2 For more than years, the implanted thread has no damage to muscle tissue, non -toxic side effects, and can also absorb degradation without affecting the normal exercise of the muscles.

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Six advantages of pdo lifting:

1 Epidermal layer: brighten the skin

Promote local tissue microcirculation, cell regeneration and tissue repair ability becomes stronger, skin water is full, skin color overall moisturizing and brightening, and pigmentation improvement.

2 Corted layer: collagen regeneration

The PPDO line penetrates into the dermis layer, and the branch is used as a cell growth bracket to stimulate collagen regeneration and elastic fiber reorganization. The regenerative connective tissue bracket, thereby lasting support, at the same time, the skin restores elasticity and moisturize and fade fine lines.

3 subcutaneous tissue: support filling

Use the PPDO line to build a three -dimensional stereo network to support the collapsed subcutaneous tissue as a whole, while promoting subcutaneous blood circulation and rosy skin.

4SMAS fascia: deep lift

Grab the root of the skin's relaxation tightly: SMAS fascia layer, tightened from deep, so that the skin is folded and reset to the original youthful position. At the same time, the effect is natural and the skin skin is not tight.

5 ligament structure: firming elasticity

By being put into the PPDO line, like artificial ligaments, it solves the problem of relaxation of the original skin, and gradually enhances elasticity over time, and sets youth.

6 muscle layer: reset fixing

The main trunk of the PPDO line lifts the SMAS layer, and the branch will fix the muscle layer together to reset the lifting, so as to return to the spring.

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Pay attention after the sculpture:

1. Follow the doctor's instructions to take antibiotics or anti -inflammatory drugs. At the same time, the nutritional supplement of the nutrients and nutrients of nutritional kinetic energy was strengthened in the early stage.

2. The entrance may become red or bruised. The ice is applied for 20-30 min, and the ice -breaking application within 48 h after surgery.

3. It is recommended to wear elastic headhots or jaw and neck cases after the neck and neck buried thread.

4. There will be a stronger foreign body, and it will disappear after a month.

5. Do not make big expressions or laugh within a few weeks, fasting and spicy foods such as spicy food and quit smoking.

6. If the thread head is exposed after surgery, do not force it out. You can cut it along the root of the exposed line.

7. In order to prevent the occurrence of side effects and the production of subsequent collagen, continue to obtain and study the study of the essence of nutritional kinetic energy for 3-6 months. Because such a single small molecular collagen restoration causes the ending that cannot be remedied in the future.



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